Parlux New Alyon Hairdryer

Parlux ALYON is the new must have professional hairdryer, fruit of over 40 years of PARALUX experience in the sector of professional hairdryers for hairdressers. Available in 4 colours - Black, Graphite, Bronze and Turquoise.

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Parlux Advance Difusser

Parlux Advance Difusser - This diffuser is specifically made to fit the Parlux Advance hairdryer, giving you great results.


Parlux Advance Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Parlux Advance Light Ionic Hair Dryer -



Parlux Melody Silencer

Parlux Melody Silencer - This latest Parlux accessory significantly reduces the noise of a Parlux hairdryer and consequently the noise in hair salons or in your home.


Parlux Powerlight 385 Hair Dryer

Parlux Powerlight 385 Hair Dryer - Features new K-Lamination motor manufactured in Italy. More durable and powerful. Up to 20% lighter compared to other Parlux models. Using Ionic and Ceramic technology for healthy, static-free hair. Eco friendly.



Parlux Advance Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Parlux Advance Light Ionic Hair Dryer - with 2200 watts drying power and longer lifespan. Saves energy. Light weight and silent with soft touch switches. Uses Ionic and Ceramic technology. Eco friendly. Available in choice of colours.



Parlux 3500 Ionic Hairdryer

Parlux 3500 Ionic Hairdryer - Exceptionally small and remarkably powerful. The combined effects of Ceramics and Negative Ion charge allows heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without frying hair's external structure. Making hair shiner, softer and healthier.


Parlux 3200 Compact Hairdryer



Parlux 2000 Super Turbo Hairdryer

Parlux 2000 Super Turbo Hairdryer - One of the most popular hairdryers in professional salons. This heavy duty work horse of a dryer is powerful but lightweight.


Parlux 3500 Super Compact Hairdryer

Parlux 3500 Super Compact Hairdryer - is incredibly small and even more light, balanced and quiet. Featuring the K-Lamination motor which is lighter, more durable and extremely powerful. Available in Black.


Parlux 3200 Ionic Hairdryer


Parlux 3000 Hairdryer

Parlux 3000 Hairdryer - is a great mid-range addition to the Parlux collection. The Parlux 3000 is ergonimically designed to give the user amazing comfort in the hand. Features a very powerful hairdryer with a 1810 watt motor. Comes in a black matt rubberised finish.


Parlux Alyon/Advanced Diffuser

Parlux Alyon/Advanced Diffuser - Hairdryer diffuser for Parlux Alyon & Advanced Hairdryers.


Parlux 2800 Hairdryer

Parlux 2800 Hairdryer - powerful hairdryer equipped with 2 nozzles, one for fast drying and the other for styling. It has an ergonomically shaped handle providing an extremely comfortable working position and perfectly balanced weight distribution.


Parlux Concentrator Nozzles

Parlux Concentrator Nozzles - The Parlux concentrator attachment nozzles are crafted from the highest quality, heat resistant plastic and simply clip on to the end of your Parlux hair dryer. There are two nozzles to choose from, a standard nozzle and a slightly wider nozzle, with a flared opening.

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Parlux Twin Turbo Hairdryer


Parlux 3200 Plus Eco Friendly Hair Dryer

Parlux 3200 Plus Eco Friendly Hair Dryer - NEW Parlux 3200 PLUS is the upgraded replacement for the long established 3200 Model.



Parlux Alyon Digital

Parlux Alyon Digital -



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